"Create in me a clean heart oh God" Ps. 51:10

Infidelity, pornogrphy addiction, and sexual addiction bring guilt, shame, detachment, lonliness, and spiritual emptiness and shame. Addictions counselor Steve Williams provides guidance for individuals and couples who experience these difficult circumstances. For couples the path to heal and rebuild is different for each partner, however the two must work together so mistrust, anger, shock, shame and guilt, hopelessness and detachement can lesson.


Steve uses a systems and addictions approach that utilizes a top down-bottom up plan so both partners have a  path that is responsible, healing, reasurring, and building. The emotional bridge once broken can often be restored with responsible, honest, open and willing hearts, and the right guidance forward. 


For individuals caught in addiction and sexual addiction the path forward can be a private exploration between therapist and client. It can also include other supports such as uncluding your spouse, a 12 Step group, or a pastor. For marriages where there is an addiction it is important that their spouse be on board for a together plan for developing healthy closeness and intimacy. Your therapist will provide support by providing guidance, insight, coping skills, and positive targets to achieve your goals.