"Perfect love casts out fear"

I John














"Love your neigbor as you also love yourself" Mt. 19:19

Steve believes in identifying with the individual experience of every person including Christian and non religious individuals. He uses a non- judgmental Cognitive and Phenomenolical Approach which seeks to understand and appreciate the individual experience and need of every person. He endeavors to help clients process what they are experiencing and wanting but also offers a direct approach to provide timely effective interpretations and solutions.

Steve is a big believer in Insight Oriented Therapy that seeks to help clients arrive at helpful interpretations and insights and also available action steps.  He also offers coping skill tools so that clients can make wanted changes as quickly as possible.


Steve believes in "virtues of goodness" to enable clients to grow and develop a gratifying personal, relational, and spiritual life experience. These virtues include: openness and honesty, justice and fairness, equity and mutuality, responsibilty and benevolence, and freedom and sacrifice. These values expressed in a balanced manner bring recovery from our dysfunctional personal, relational, and family experience. For Christian clients Steve provides  biblical integration to enhance these virtues with spiritual meaningfulness and practice.